After wrapping up a sold out stadium tour across North America, I caught up with Guns N Roses’ keyboardist Dizzy Reed at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV where he was joining the Sin City Sinners on stage at Vinyl as well as hosting a DJ set at The Center Bar back in late September. Reed sat and discussed with me everything from G’n’R, his solo album, musical influences, and more. Now throw on your favorite Use Your Illusions record and dive right in.


Ms. Mishap: Now that you’ve just finished up the North American run of the Not In This Lifetime Tour what do you think has been the biggest highlight so far?
Reed: You know for me all of the shows were really cool and really special and we played a lot of big places, a lot of great cities, but for me having been in Los Angeles for so long you know playing Dodgers Stadium, which I never even thought about doing, that was pretty cool.

Ms. Mishap: Do you think a new album with the current lineup is ever possible?

Reed: You know who knows, I don’t know. It’d be great.

Ms Mishap: With the 25th anniversary of Use Your Illusions just passing a couple of weeks ago, what is one of your best memories of that time period?

Reed: Wait it’s been 25 years? You know for me I had just joined that band and you know they asked me to come on and be the keyboard player and it was during the preproduction for those songs and obviously for the recording so I never actually played any shows with them. I was in the studio tracking those songs and working on them and just the whole thing was magic for me. You know it was like I had been living on the streets of Hollywood trying to make it for five or six years straight and I saw a lot of people come and a lot of people go, a lot of people get signed and a lot of people get dropped, but at that point in time G’n’R, who I had known for a long time, they had gone to become arguably the biggest band in the world and so I had to pinch myself a lot, but just the entire experience was just magic.

Ms. Mishap: Do you have a favorite song off of each Use Your Illusions records?

Reed: I couldn’t tell you which is on what, but I love so many of the songs. I just really started re-exploring them again. “Coma” is such a great song. I’m kind of partial to “Estranged” cause I sort of took it over and started playing it. I like “Locomotive”, espcially the ending part is a big jam thing and “Bad Apples”, “Bad Obsession”, and “Pretty Tied Up”.


Ms. Mishap: Tonight you have your dj set at The Center Bar so I have to ask if you were stranded on a deserted island and you can only have one album with you what would it be?

Reed: It’s kind of cliche but first of all it would be my record which isn’t out yet but it’s going to be coming out, but since it doesn’t techinically exist and if I was stranded today it would probably be Exile On Main St. (The Rolling Stones)

Ms. Mishap: Is there a possible tour for Hookers & Blow coming up?

Reed: We’re always touring, we go out and we come back all the time.

Ms. Mishap: Now I was going to ask you if you were ever interested in doing a solo album but it seems…

Reed: I’ve done one, it’s finished I just gotta put it out.

Ms. Mishap: Do you have a time frame?

Reed: Well it’s been done for about six or seven years, actually that’s not true, I finally found someone to mix it properly and I just kept having to put it on hold within the tracking process and the mixing and I found someone that was right to mix it and he did a great job, my friend Jason, Jason Mezilis. So now it’s just a matter of what are we going to do with it having to put it out and then this other tour came up and stuff so it’s been kind of tough to find the time, but I think im going to play some of the songs tonight if the vibe is right.

Ms. Mishap: If you could have performed a song with anyone in history alive or dead who would it be

Reed: With someone? wow alive or dead, thats a tough one maybe David Bowie. Yea David Bowie or Warren Zevon or The Stones.
For those of you that missed Dizzy’s guest spot with the Sin City Sinners his setlist hit everything from “It’s So Easy” – Guns N Roses, “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting” – Elton John, “All The Way From Memphis” – Mott The Hoople. & more! His DJ set at the center bar was similar in style, but included two special surprises off of Dizzy’s unreleased solo album! Goes to show, just by missing “one show” you could be missing a whole lot more… I think it goes without saying, but always support live & local music. Lastly keep your eyes peeled for what is sure to be a legendary solo album and make sure to catch Hookers & Blow when they come to a city near you!


Ms. Mishap